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Sep 18, 2020

A bride made the devastating decision to cancel her wedding to her dad reveled the “sexist” demand  his family had made behind her back. The dad says his daughter got engaged recently and he had always been fond of her fiancé ,who he thought of as “kind ,humble and always respectful to our family”

He says when he met the man’s family for dinner on a couple of occasions, they made remarks towards his daughter which made him uncomfortable , such as  “I don’t know why you’re working , isn’t that the husband’s job ? it’s the mother ‘s job to take care of the children”

As his daughter pair pressed ahead with their plans for the ceremony ,the dad says her fiancé arranged a meeting with them both and his parents ,adding that his daughter couldn’t be involved. The dad said when he went along, the man’s parents  spoke to him about arranging a dowry to allow his daughter could be a stay-at-home-wife.

The parents told him to think it over and not mention the meeting to his daughter ,but he ignored their pleas and told her everything . He said  : “she started crying saying she didn’t know that her boyfriend was so sexist . She asked me what she could do now , and I told her that she wasn’t being forced and could cancel her marriage if she didn’t want it.

“Well , that is exactly what happened and now her boyfriend and his parents are calling me saying I took away the love of his life. On top of that , some of her friends (some were bridesmaids) said that I never made the right decision for breaking up what would have been a “healthy marriage”. But it’s my daughter’s happiness that matters”

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