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Shalom Blac The Inspiring Burn Survivor

ByGladwell Wanjiku

Dec 23, 2020

Am sure most of us have seen plenty of those “power of makeup” memes, but none have been quite as dramatic and inspiring as the ones posted on Youtube by makeup artist Shalom Blac.

Shalom Nchom, who goes by the name Shalom Blac on Youtube, is a young lady from Nigeria. However, at the age of 9, she was involved in an accident at her family’s store. Shalom and her sister were taking a nap under a table at their mother’s restaurant in Nigeria. Her mom was unaware of the sleeping girls below and she placed a pot of hot oil on the table. Someone accidentally knocked over the pot of hot oil, scalding the two sisters.

Shalom faced so many challenges. People used to call her monster

The girls were rushed to the hospital with severe burns. Luckily an aunt got them visas so that they could go to the United States and undergo several surgeries. Shalom’s life took a huge turn after the accident.

Shalom Blac faced so many challenges

Kids that used to play with her were either scared or would call her a monster and just laugh. She started thinking of committing suicide because of the bullying. “I remember one day I took a knife and went into the bathroom and looked at myself, wondering why people see me as a monster,” she stated.

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When she was 13, she began watching makeup tutorials on You tube and that was a way to make herself feel more confident about her looks. Soon, the bullying stopped and her classmates started following on her makeup skills. Her talent was in such a high demand that she would even charge $5 to $25 per face.

Shalom says that reading comments can be hard. Sometimes they take her back to that dark part of her life. She tries to just get offline and not read post comments at all. “I didn’t choose this life. It just happened. It could happen to anyone, but I don’t wish that on anyone.”

The Bold Step

Shalom Blac says the makeup did not make the burns go away but at least they were not too visible

Shalom says her motivation was from one girl on you tube. “She was a young girl who was battling with cancer, and she was completely bald. I was so shocked, wondering how she is so young and so brave to stand in front of the camera.” Shalom started making her own you tube videos. She began without makeup and let the world see her with the scars and all.

The transformation

“I just decided to do a video and then post a picture of me without my wig. This was a big deal. People began telling me how my picture or my videos have inspired them and this really pushed me to do more.” Right now she no longer regrets what happened. “I feel like this was my calling. I’m just glad that my story can actually inspire someone enough for them to realize their worth in this life,” she said.

“Growing up and going through what I’ve gone through opened doors for me and helped me accept myself the way I am. I’m now in apposition where I want people to accept me for who I am. I shouldn’t have to convert myself or pretend to be someone else. I’m just going to live my life and nothing will stop me,” said Shalom.