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She’s a flower save the petal


Aug 3, 2020

We all love to have a mother, a wife, a sister & a girlfriend too then why not a daughter…? Strange but it’s true. More often than not we ridicule the girl in hoods, the one always alone, the noisy one, and the ever smiling girl but take a minute and reason why she is always in a certain mood. The society we live in currently is fond of judging people, you judge & ridicule me yet when I come knocking at your doorstep in my hour of need you chase me out  as if it’s not enough you slam the door on my face. Even as culture, belief & the society suffocate me I remain hopeful for a better tomorrow because I know you can’t persevere what I have been through neither can you fit in my shoes so before you sit to judge me ensure you perfect.

                  She had pain as her crown & guilty as her pearl

                  A dress made of abuse a shoe made of trauma

                  She walks with her head down to avoid the drama

                  A halo in her trash broken wings on the corner

                  Society got her names she was the obsecure loner

                  She gave love after love but they tortured her in return

                  Left her to bleed to death & her innocence to burn

                  She cried but they were deaf to her cries

                  They pushed and pushed her till she fell in the hole

                  She was called a show-off for she was a victim

                  They all closed their doors grateful it’s not them

                  Nightmares in her sleep nightmares when awake

                  She ends it all as she got nothing to live for

It’s a poem kind of story of a girl with no name, exists amongst us, scared of all the shame, scared of society for they will make her the blame. She is a victim of madness and a life that is bitter, she is you she is me, she is your mother your sister. It’s high time we embrace them and save their souls rather than shed crocodile tears when lowering their caskets.

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