• Mon. Nov 23rd, 2020
Siblings embark on walking journey

To describe a mother would be like writing about a hurricane in its perfect power. Or even the climbing, falling colors of a rainbow. The love that kids have for their mothers at times leads to children making sacrifices. For instance,3 siblings have commenced on a journey to help their ailing mother.

Siblings Decision.

The siblings have embarked on the walk from Ndunyu Njeru in Kinangop with Nairobi being their final destination in the hope of raising money for their mother’s spine surgery. Of the three siblings, two are pre-teenage boys with their sister being the oldest. Early Sunday they commenced on the long journey with nothing else but a picture of their sickly mother. She has been in the hospital for the past two months.

siblings embark on walking journey for sick mother...
at times we ought to sacrifice and pray..


Whenever it is drizzling or there is a heavy downfall we seek shelter. However, for Mary Muthoni the shelter turned out to be the beginning of her misery. On the ill-fated day, Muthoni was shielding herself from the heavy downpour at a quarry when rocks fell on her. The impact brought a negative change in her life and her health.


Kenyatta Hospital turned to be her home as a result of her hospitalization. She needs a minimum of500,00 Kenyan money for a titanium plate to be placed on her back.For any family worst of all during this pandemic season being in the capacity to raise such a huge sum is so difficult.

“I have been in Kenyatta National Hospital for the last 2 months and due to the injury, I cannot move. Doctors are saying I need spinal fusion surgery but I can’t afford it. My appeal is to all well-wishers out there, please do support me,” Ms. Muthoni told reporters.

According to the family, the walk from Nairobi is their hope. This came as a result of not meeting the expected amount needed. Family and friends who came to their aid were only able to raise 60,000. Moreover, the harsh economic times have resulted in the siblings not pay their mother a visit. They target that by the time they climax the journey they will have the money. In addition, they will be able to see their ailing mother. More details on this story.

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