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Social Media Killing Relationships

Bysarah wanjiku

Feb 8, 2021
relationship goals

Social media have both advantages and disadvantages. Today, social media has created a business environment where people are making money. Besides making money, it has led to unity where you can find your former classmate or friend.

Social media platforms {Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp} helps one to socialize, get new friends, create awareness, and also informs. On the other hand, it has led to relationship breakups and divorces. Today, there is too much pressure on a couple of goals involving third parties.

relationship goals
relationship goals

Social medial can be advantageous if used in the right way and for the right reason.

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Post, likes and comment

Save your relationship by moving out quickly from social media activities. Posting someone on the social medial platforms means that you love him or her, which cause disagreements on your partner since he respects the privacy and does not want to involve the third party.

Spending too much time on social media

Too much phone time can lead to mistrust and jealousy between you and your spouse. It has partially separated us from the real world.it has come in handy when catching up with friends, your favourite bloggers buying or selling stuff. We find most people chatting when doing their duties.

relationship goals
relationship goals


It has become our way of solving problems, arguments, and disappointment. When texting one cannot be able to learn or understand body language since you are not able to see emotions. Most probably you may not understand one’s concern.  People usually break up for misunderstood the text.

Not forgetting  “blue ticks”, why would you blue tick your partner?  Almost everybody is a victim. This has led to many breakups in the name of ignoring your partner.

Cheating tool

Social media has created a void for partners to flirt and sex chat with other people. As long as you are deleting texts, hiding your phone, you are cheating and it will cost your relationship.