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Sonko: Second Impeached Governor.


Dec 18, 2020

The two-day impeachment trial comes to a halt today Thursday, December 17th, 2020. Nairobi Governor, Mike Sonko last straw has been lying in the hands of the senators who are either upholding or rejecting his impeachment by the Nairobi County Assembly. However, the vote has been cast and Governor Sonko impeached.

During the voting out of the 11  charges, the YES team took the night. For the 1st charge-gross violation, 27 have voted YES while 16 vote NO. Charge of abuse of office is the second charge with 27 again voting YES while 16 have given a NO. On the 3rd charge of gross misconduct,27 have voted YES while 16 have given a NO. In the 4th and last charge of crimes under national law, 27 have given YES while 16 have NO. Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja has absconded the vote.

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However, Senator Murkomen opposes the motion. “This house must rise to the occasion to defend devolution…..This house must also rise to demonstrate that they have consistency….I beg to oppose.” Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika argues that Sonko should not fall victim to the tussle between NMS and Governor Sonko. However, the state-backed NMS. Narok Senator Ledama Ole Kna has strongly defended the Governor. According to him, most charges are hanging as a result of insufficient evidence.

sonko impeachment battle
sonko impeachment battle

Sonko Leadership Comes To An End

On December 3rd, 2020, 88 MCAs voted yes on Sonko’s impeachment. Apparently, they accuse him of gross violation of the Constitution or any other law, gross misconduct, abuse of office, and crimes under the national law.

Lawyer Harrison Kinyanjui has been representing Sonko’s legal team while Lawyer Ndegwa Njiru was for the County Assembly. Throughout this year, Sonko’s political journey has been a bumpy ride. Not only has he lost access to his official office but he has also lost control of a city he vigorously campaigned for. The Governor’s tough ride started last year December, after his arrest. It has been a chaotic reign for him. He has been on the wrong side of politics. Publicly rebuked by President Kenyatta for the feuds and given warnings at times.


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Nairobi County Assembly Speaker Beatrice Elachi resigned due to the Governor’s leadership style. According to her, he was the hindrance to the success and growth of Nairobi Metropolitan Services. Benson Mutura took over as the Speaker. Governor Sonko’s impeachment gives a big blow to his political career.

What’s Next For Nairobi.

As of now, Sonko is the second impeached Governor. When the former Kiambu Governor was impeached from the office by the Senate, the decision was gazette in the night. Apparently, people woke up to a transition plan in place.


According to the Constitution, after a governor is impeached, the deputy governor ought to take over. However, Nairobi County has no deputy governor ever since January 2018. In addition, Article 182 of the Constitution requires the County Speaker to take charge. In this case, Benson Mutura takes over as the acting Governor for a period of two months.

During the sixty days, IEBC is expected to conduct an election and choose the new governor and deputy.