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Spare The Unborn.

ByChristine Gacheri

Oct 30, 2020
save the unborn

Women who can’t get access to abortion in Kenya are feeding unwanted babies fizzy drinks instead of milk. Common methods include feeding babies with fizzy drinks such as cola or ginger and beer as an alternative to milk, causing their organs to collapse. Many have also witnessed babies being left to die in rubbish pits and river banks.

The stories highlight the plights of women who can’t afford to raise a family in a country where abortion is illegal and poverty is on the rise. It is known that if you give a baby coca-cola instead of breast milk, it can’t last more than three days.
Abortion is illegal in Kenya unless a mother’s health is in danger as well as murdering infants with fizzy drinks, abandonment, and back street abortions. Anyone who carries out an ‘unauthorized procedure is threatened with a 14-years prison sentence, though often punishment is far worse.
In 2014, a Kenyan nurse was sentenced to death after being found guilty of carrying out an abortion on a woman who later bled to death. Stories of unethical abortions are rife as most qualified doctors are unwilling to take the risk. A common method is carrying out abortions on women in late pregnancy by inducing labor; delivering a living baby then killing it. It is very unfair and demonic to take away the life of innocent kids all in the name of poverty.

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