• Sun. Nov 29th, 2020
suicide cases on the rise

A lot of suicide associated with depression that mainly involving families arose since the pandemic started.

For a home to be a home there needs to be love and warmth. When this fails causes a lot of problems for someone mentally and emotionally feelings. Whenever a family member is toxic, remember that you do not deserve to be treated badly or abused. We deserve to flourish, happiness, love, and care for our safety. Family members should respect one’s feelings and boundaries.

how to reduce suicide cases

suicide cases on the rise
suicide cases on the rise
  1. Create boundaries
    Give yourself time to do things that you like since deserve better treatment and of importance. Sometimes boundaries are very important, in most cases, conversations are mostly unfiltered with your family. Transparency is the goal in every family that becomes different when you instantly feel unappreciated. So when you start noticing the vibe is off filter away. Do things that make you happy.
  2. Stay level headed.
    Toxic relationships of every kind can hurt your senses of well-being.
    In most cases, they tend to push you to the wall.  Always poking and provoking waiting for your reaction. How about don’t give them a reaction? Stay in your mind, chant your affirmations to yourself, breathe in and out, do not give them a reaction.
  3. Reach out to a healthy support system. When stuck in a toxic family or environment, for the time being, you can prioritize your own mental and emotional health. Venting frustrations helps most. Asking for help from supportive people in your life will help you much. You may also seek help from a mental health professional or mental health counselor. On which you gaining an outside perspective on your relationship with a loved one. And help you stay balanced while spending an abnormal amount of time with them.
  4. Be your first priority.
    Self-care routines look different for everyone, but they’re vital for staying healthy while close to a toxic family member. Every day check-ins with yourself can help you identify any uncomfortable or confusing emotions while sorting out a messy family bond. Self-care might involve spending time alone to get some sunshine, painting, exercising, reading, or playing your favorite instrument. Remember that family is important, but you must also recognize you are important too.

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