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Sep 12, 2020

If you think that the president of Kenya president Uhuru Kenyetta only collected high-end watches you might be wrong. It appears that Mr.Uhuru developed a penchant for locally made summer shirts and is asking that he connects you to his shirts –plug for a good reason.

President Kenyatta asked Kenyans asked to wear locally made clothing to support local industries , his tweet also confirmed a bore of colorful collage of photos in which he was wearing his favourite floral-motif shirts.

The statement from the president came just a day after he announced a deliberate and sustained Government strategy aimed at reviving Kenyan’s textile industry. “The revival of Kenyan’s leading textile factories among them Rivatex, Thika Cotton Mile and Ken Knit among others , is          a deliberate and sustained Government strategy aimed at benefiting  cotton farmers ,growing local industries and creating jobs for the youth” President Uhuru said. In support of the local textile sector,the President continues to encourage Kenyans to wear locally made clothing and items and is leading the way with his colorful authentic Kenyan print shirts.      The president is fully aware that the memes are temporary but the style is enternal.

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