• Wed. May 12th, 2021

Taifa Leo Journalist Collapses and Dies Of Covid-like symptoms.


Apr 28, 2021
taifa leo journalist

Dennis Geoffrey Mauya famously known as Mauya Omauya did not succumb to covid-19. The former taifa Leo journalist succumbed on Monday while in Nairobi.

As per the autopsy report conducted on Mauya’s body, he succumbed to cardiac arrest while in the Donholm estate. His cardiac arrest was attributed to constrictive pericarditis a condition that shows symptoms similar to those of covid-19. These similar symptoms include fatigue, chest pain, and also difficulty in breathing.


Furthermore, the family states that two weeks ago the thirty-seven-year-old received the AstraZeneca jab. Sadly, on Monday around 1 pm, he collapsed and died outside the Jawa Wines and Spirits shop. Health Officers upon arrival dressed in PPE’s fumigated the body suspecting that his death is attributed by covid-19. Later on, they took the body to Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital Mortuary.

taifa leo journalist
taifa leo journalist

Taifa Leo Columnist

The former taifa Leo journalist joined The Nation Media Group back then in 2007. However, after a year he left to pursue his studies. This occurred after he obtained sponsorship to pursue a master’s degree in International Studies, Communications, and Diplomacy. While in the institution situated in London he continued being a contributor to Taifa Leo newspaper. In 2012 he resumed back to Nation Media Group as the Taifa Leo sub-editor.

The late Mauya remained at NMG till December 2014 where he left to do other things.  Ever since then he’s been writing for Taifa Leo as a columnist. According to his brother Sam Kiyaka the deceased left their house in Zimmerman and proceeded to town. Apparently, he planned to pay his children a visit the same day at their home in Donholm. “At around 9am he left the house and we did not communicate again. Earlier on he informed me about his plans to go visit his kids. At around 2 pm I called Mauya but a police officer received the call. After identifying myself as the deceased’s brother he informed me to quickly go to Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital.”