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Teachers Living In Classrooms

ByGladwell Wanjiku

Oct 8, 2020

Six teachers are living with their families in classrooms in Uthiru, Kiambu, after they were sent out of their rental houses for failing to pay rent. They are just among the many others whose main source of income was cut off by the outbreak of Covid-19 in the country.

Paul Obuya is among the teachers housed at Damacrest  school, a private institution. Together with his five colleagues who requested anonymity, they said they were forced to sell most of their household items to settle rent because they no longer received salaries.

In April, their employee and school director Florence Wamakima intervened and accommodated them in some of the classrooms. She also offered them food.

Obuya said he moved into the classroom with his wife and three children in April as he could no longer afford the sh7,000 rent he used to pay. The teachers occupy some of the classrooms on the fourth and fifth floors and fifth floors of the five-storey complex.

Teachers across the country, especially those from private schools suffered more as a result to covid-19.

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