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Student hostels

Student hostels
Student hostels

  With the emerging of the deadly covid-19 virus early this year, the plight of hostels owners around Universities have been left shadowed and had to hit a rock bottom stop, Most of the landlords have been left with no source of income as 99.9% depended solely on the rent raised through renting their houses to the University students who now aren’t available for a while now.

With the occurrence of the covid-19 pandemic universities had to closure down following a directive by the education CS Prof Magoha that all private and public learning institutions to close down until further notice to help minimize the spread of this deadly disease. 

This has led to many household around the tertiary institutions to find other ways to generate income to sustain their families as almost all the houses around the institutions have been vacated as almost all are rented out to the students in those institutions.

Many had hopes that the directive would loosen up and allow the reopen of the institutions upon the month of September,but this never seem to happen soon.Despite the owners always collecting chunks of money from the rent by the students, Majority have turned to borrowing and also asking for donations from well-wishers and the government at larger.

The big question is where do the huge chunk collected goes to and on investigation, Majority seems to have invested heavily on this establishment through bank loans which have now been a headache in repayment as many weren’t prepared for such a pandemic,

Despite a low percentage of the hostel owners being not on loans but on stable job and managing to put up the houses by their savings, it’s now a reality that they have joined the rest as many companies had to shelf some of their staff to help cumber the tough life ahead and this lot have joined their counter parts who are heavily on loans

Coping without any income and having a family that’s looking up at them has proved to be a big hustle with some now engaging as casual laborers and other taking up odd jobs just to make ends meet, not forgetting also doing the country wide “kazi mtaani”  by the government.

The plight of this hostel owners now lays only on a dying hope as the spread of the disease seems to be increasing every second of the day,

Even with this empty houses it has turned difficult to find tenants as this estate occupied by the students tend to have a hyped rent, with a single rooms going for a whopping 5,000ksh while a bedsitter room goes for up to 7,000 depending on the proximity to the school,,

 The cry also can be seen also with shop owners who have now closed down and have to bear with huge losses due to the nature of the good they were selling to this students as many are perishable with an expiry date,

If you walk through these Estates you would be lucky to find an open shop or a hotel opened and kiosks that had mushroomed all over making the estate feel like a business town emerging

 The owners and operators of this business now are asking the government to help them and come out with a physical plan that would help them regain their status as there before the covid 19 pandemic, citing the plans and measures put in place that have enabled churches and other places of worship to operate, in order to help them get back to their feet        

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