• Sun. Aug 9th, 2020

The Police on the bar yet again.

Police on patrol

Written by Andrew Thuku.

Police on patrol
Police on patrol

The DPP has ordered the arrest of two police officer for allegedly killing two people namely Aden Abdi Madobe and Muhiyadin Adow Shibin. The two citizens from Garissa were killed by police officers as they were searching for a terror suspect.

This resulted to an uproar from the county residents. Garissa township constituency Mp Aden Duale asked interior  cabinet secretary to probe into the matter. On a statement dated on 25/07/2020 REF.NO: IPOA/CEO/PRESS/19(25) states that it has sent its own officers to investigate on the matter. The said officers who are Adam Ibrahim Salat and Abdirahman Roble  are to face murder charges.

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