• Fri. Oct 30th, 2020

Things You Need To Know About Nyashinski

Nyamari Ongegu, well known as Nyashinski got a chance to relocate to Delaware, USA, despite being aware he was cutting short his career. Rapper Nyashinski quit music to become a truck driver when he went to the USA.

Nyashinski said that life did not favour him while he was there. “When me and family moved abroad, I had completely quit music. I was working as a truck driver,” he said

The first two years he was in Delaware, then he moved to Michigan. He says that his experience abroad taught him a lot. He was already a star before he went abroad and was well known. He was getting a bit of favours here and there and then he moved to a place where no one knew him.

He says that he was got used to living a lonely life of driving a truck where he only used to stop to fuel, sleep, shower and use the bathroom. “The lines on the road even became hypnotizing after a long distance and I looked at them thinking about my life,” he said.

He enjoyed living a normal life despite the hustles, where no one knew him. He could walk in a mall, on the roads and be normal. The reason he came back to Kenya was because he felt he was not using his intelligence or exerting his passion and purpose.

Back in the states, his friend told him to just go into the studio and exert that pressure as a lyricist. He found himself listening to a beat, creating a song and then wanting to perfect it and let people listen to it. That is how he found himself back into the music world and back home.

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