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Mar 7, 2021
Wamatangi and team 7th project

Giving is a gift .It’s a slogan or rather what most people call motto. True to his words Engineer Karanja Mburu Wamatangi coordinates the house dedication and opening.

In Snow village, Muchungucha sub_location in Mbiiri ward the family of the late Njoroge are celebrating.Over the years they have lived in a mud house and always ate from hand to mouth. Despite the hardships the four kids have always been prayerful.
After the demise of their father last year the community in collaboration with Engineer Karanja Mburu Wamatangi sought to help them out.

Today the 7th of march 2021 the four kids officially move in to the new house with all new belongings. In addition to having a better home the kids are all under full scholarship . Their scholarship is to whatever academic level they wanna reach.

The previous house
The previous house

Jane Njoroge being the eldest sibling is so humbled by the overwhelming love from the community.
“The community has brought me up and all I have is immense gratitude to them. When my dad passed on that actual day I was in nyeri sharing a story with my classmate. I told her about my desire to build dad a 2 bedroom house so that I can elevate him from the poverty.
Sadly that evening I received the sad news of his demise. However, despite the pain God has shown his presence in our lives.Thanks a lot for all your support.”stated a happy Jane Njuguna..

Wamatangi On the Look out

In addition Eng Karanja Mburu Wamatangi also has many projects in line.This is the 7 house in Kiharu and others are in progress.Being a people’s person he encourages giving to all.
Hence his slogan.In matters concerning education he encourages that in every 2 kilometres in Kiharu there is a politechnic. He believes that this will encourage more youths to pursue courses to the end.

Wamatangi and team 7th project
Wamatangi and team 7th project

Snow area has had issues of water but wamatangi together with MUWASCO have a deal underway. Once the deal is down construction of the largest tank in Kiharu takes place. This enables all residents of Muchungucha to have adequate water.

Elsewhere in education matters he promises to lessen lunch costs for candidates.

“All schools primary and secondary having students sitting for their end exams in muchungucha will receive lunch. Each institution gets a bag but those with more students get two to three bags of rice . My call to parents is to provide for them some stew so they can sit for their exams and perform well.” Said Karanja Mburu Wamatangi.