• Fri. Oct 30th, 2020

Tight security is required in sentencing Westgate suspects.

Byflorence wairimu

Oct 6, 2020

There was tight security at Milimani Law Courts on Tuesday ahead of the sentencing of three Westgate terror suspects.

ATPU officers were seen with their face masks on and guns on hold as they roamed around and kept watch around the vicinity.

The court is expected to deliver judgement on the Westgate attack case.

The judgement was moved outside court because The Westgate terror suspects had complained of ‘harsh’ prison conditions as they awaited sentencing over the attack that left 67 dead in 2013.

In the case, Mohammed Ahmed, Liban Abdullahi, and Hussein Mustafa were charged with giving support to a terrorist group.

Mohammed told the court that he needed blankets because it was very cold in prison while Abdullahi complained of the bad diet asking the court to intervene.

He claimed that the porridge he was given did not have sugar.

Kwa sasa nakunya uji na mkate na maziwa kidogo,niko na shida na maharagwe na skuma,” he added.

The third accused also complained that he could not see well.

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