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Top 10 Countries with the best healthcare system

ByMuthoni Githire

Sep 2, 2020

The latest examination done by Best Countries Rankings in terms of healthcare was done based on how the residents perceive delivery of health care services. Among the factors considered in determination of this ranking were funding by the government, quality of the medical services offered, excellence of the medical facilities, medical insurance services and efficiency and promptness of the services offered.

In the report, Denmark ranks first. The Danish healthcare system provides Danes with mostly free medical care that is predominantly financed through income tax. Sweden ranks second, and it is characterized by high quality health care services with above average healthcare spending.

Canada is at the third place, and it is remarkably noted for its high expectancy rate and it provides health insurance coverage to all Canadian citizens and permanent residents. The United Kingdom ranks fourth, and healthcare in the UK has proved convenient and reliable to the residents, and also provides many options for medical emergencies.

Germany ranks fifth, and the healthcare system is very good, but expensive. Health insurance for the citizens is mandatory, and most emigrants have it added to their employee contract.

Netherlands follows closely in the sixth place, and its government provides the citizens with two health coverage options: basic and long term.  

Australia, France, Austria and New Zealand are in the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th places respectively.

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