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Train Crash kills 36


Apr 2, 2021
train crash kills 36 people

Long weekend journey cut short by an unexpected crash. Images from the train crash scene show carriages ripped apart by the huge impact. In addition, some of the carriages squashed hence obstructing the rescue process. The Taiwan express train deflected in a tunnel early today Friday 2nd April. As of now, thirty-six people have already succumbed while seventy of them still remain in the wreckage.

The rail tragedy occurs as a result of the train hitting a truck wrongly parked. According to the Central News Agency, the truck slide into the train’s path. Today’s tragedy apparently it’s the worst rail disaster Taiwan has ever experienced in the last 4 decades. More than forty passengers are currently nursing injuries.

train crash kills 36 people
train crash kills 36 people

Train Crash Leaves Many Injured

According to the fire department, about three hundred and fifty passengers were on board during the train crash. Most of the passengers being tourists and also people heading home for the traditional Tomb Sweeping Day. It’s celebrated with families reuniting and also traveling to their ancestors’ gravesites to pay respect. Family members also show respect by bowing to their ancestors as paper money is burnt. They also place fresh flowers by the tombs while some families prefer planting willow trees. The festival either falls on the fourth or fifth of April as per the Gregorian Calendar.

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The department also adds that the journey from Taipei to Taitung came to a halt north of Hualien when the train went off the rails. The crash scene is on the eastern side of Taiwan. The rescue process continues as reports indicate that bout seventy people remain trapped in the wrecked carriages.

In the first four carriages of the train, they rescued between eighty to a hundred people. However, it’s difficult for the rescuers to access carriages 5 to 8 since they are a wreck. Taiwan railway administration states that Part of it appears outside the tunnel, and the rest trapped. Clips seen a man narrates the train crash incident. “Our train crashed into a truck and as a result, the truck came falling down.” Reports also indicate that the railway line connecting Taipei and Hualien ever since 1979. The route is well known for its tunnels and routes near the coast.