• Tue. Dec 1st, 2020


Usa presidential canditate

Biden,Democrat candidate has won the 2020 US elections with a warping 273 electoral college votes. the win was solidified after Joe Biden won in the state of Pennsylvania. Winning the state gives Joe more than 270 electoral college votes needed for victory. Biden continues to lead in three more battleground states, Georgia, Nevada, and Arizona.

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At 78, Joe will be the oldest president during the January 20th inauguration ceremony that will be held in Pennsylvania. His running mate Kamala Harris will be the first-ever female vice president. He joined politics at a young age and achieving a senatorial position in 1972.

Joe Biden Democrat Presidential candidate
Joe Biden Democrat Presidential candidate

Joe has set a good image because he encouraged his supporters to keep calm amidst the rampage that was happening in the country. He has urged all citizens of the country to unite together despite their political affiliation and class.

From the Mugambo Wa Mugikuyu family, we congratulate Joe Biden and Kamala Harrison for their win. Long live the United States Of America

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