• Sat. Dec 5th, 2020
president trump still in denial over his loss

President  Trump is denying the US election result. Meanwhile, President-elect Joe Biden has taken a step towards moving to Whitehouse. Joe Biden will officially move to  Whitehouse on 20th January 2021. This will be after he’s sworn in as the 46th president.

Joe Biden and his vice have launched a transformation website named BuildBlackBetter.com and a tweeter feed @transition46.world leaders. Supporters are sharing their congratulatory messages on all socials after Joe’s victory was declared. The website has four fundamental things to cover, among them, covid-19, economic recovery, racial equity, and climate change.

According to his lawyer, Trump will file a case in the coming week and has enough evidence in resisting the results. Former President George Bush has recommended the winners. he has also agreed that the outcome was clear and fair.

Biden’s Election As President Makes History

Biden will be turning 78 on the 20th of this month. He will make history as the oldest elected American president. He will also be the second Catholic president after John F. Kennedy. Kamala Harris will also be the first woman and the first black person to be the vice president in America.

president trump still in denial over his loss
president trump still in denial over his loss

Covid-19 has already left over 237,000 people dead. Therefore Biden will name a task force to tackle the pandemic Monday. Moreover, Biden will talk about Trump’s travel ban in Muslim countries on his first day in office.

Besides, Biden also visited the grave of his first wife, daughter, and son. They died of accident and brain cancer respectively.

However, Biden received victory after receiving approximately 74.6 million votes against Trump’s 70.4 million. Those accepting Biden’s win have asked trump to accept the results insisting it’s time for him to give up. Moreover, Trump’s allies are still claiming results were not fair and advise trump that he should keep trying.

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