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Tunataka Boxers!


Sep 21, 2020

Let’s not forget the boychild as we put all concentration in the girlchild.

Programs and initiatives have been started countrywide to save the girlchild. Donations of sanitary towels are being done by all sorts of people with the aim of aiding the girlchild during their menstrual cycle but no one is thinking of the boychild. People claim a boy can survive in any harsh surroundings but never think of the troubles they face. Ever wondered how many boxers a guy has, the answer is obviously no because we rarely care about them.

We tired of being forgotten.

During this pandemic period many have started and done initiatives of sanitary towel donations but none has thought of buying a mere boxer for the boychild. Is the society only made of girls or is the boychild being diminished? A boxer only costs 50 shillings similar to a sanitary towel but no boychild is being considered yet we all ridiculing them when they commit murder.Girls always expect boys to treat them out for lunch, buy them chocolates during their menstrual cycle, take them out ,spoil them yet the same girls cannot buy them a simple boxer.

According to Joshua Macharia ,the Chief editor, “boy child is being diminished. All initiatives I hear of are donations of sanitary towels. People fail to notice that some boys put on their first boxers when joining form one and ever since birth they have never put on one. We all fail the boys when they lack the necessary needs, maybe if they given some boxers they can be able to grow to respectable men.”

We all are to blame for this because a girl can leave school for lacking a pad but boys will go to class without boxers and no one will help them out. Is the society forgetting the boychild all in the name of saving the girlchild? The country endorsed the two third gender rule which shows that a girl and a boy are equal but it’s like this rule does not apply in all circumstances. Its high time people come to the aid of the boychild and at least buy them some boxers. This will not only protect their manhood but it will also show them they are valued.

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