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University staff to lose jobs

Bysimon mugo

Dec 5, 2020
National Treasury Principal Secretary Dr. Julius Muia

Thousands of public university staff are set to lose jobs in a major change aimed at easing financial weight.

The National Treasury has approved the layoff saying that universities have huge old staff, some no longer needed.

“Some universities have bloated administrative staff. Re-organizing human resources at these universities will require allocation for downsizing,” said National Treasury Principal Secretary Dr. Julius Muia

University staff on strike in January 2020
University staff on strike in January 2020. The National Treasury has approved payoff for non critical staff for our public universities.

As a result the non-teaching staff among others will be affected. These are not critical to the universities’ primary duty of passing on knowledge.

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Moreover, the old staff whose critical skills are not up to date will equally be sent home. This follows a new push to handle the huge wage bills that have hit hard on the universities.

Also on board are are the staff in administrative positions and drawing huge salaries.

However, Dr. Muia said that universities will do mandatory internal audit. This will help them know how much they need, to effect the change. Egerton University for instance, has requested Sh1.5 billion for retrenchment.

“The universities may conduct their audits and know the financial burden that will be required to streamline staff,” said Dr Muia.

Grappling with budget: University staff to lose jobs

Muia said sustaining huge staff payrolls is a financial challenge the universities are facing.

It has emerged that some universities have more staff than they can sustain. This has pushed them into perpetual financial crisis.

The decision will end unrest in our universities. Students have been protesting against proposed increase in tuition fee.

A Vice Chancellors’ report on public universities financing released on November 2, 2018, showed a huge ratio discord between the students and staff ratio.

This consequently caused the universities to expand classes and reduce practical classes to bridge the funding gap.