• Fri. Oct 30th, 2020

There was an internet uproar yesterday after the US vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris stepped off a plane to tour the scene of a distressing California wildfire in Timberland boots. There was something about the way she bounced in the boots, which sold the look even more than the boots themselves.

With a lot of social media yays and nays to the look, Mimi Rocah, a US based analyst stated on twitter,“de-planing videos & her completely appropriate self-confidence every time are quickly becoming one of my favorite things about this campaign” However, netizens such as Hassan Abi, a popular political commentator were not so happy about the look. He tweeted, “I want to understand the mind of a person who legitimately gets excited seeing Kamala Harris wearing Timbs or chucks. What happens there?”

Kamala Harris at the California Wildfires

Harris has worn her Timbs a lot of times in the past. The questions on social media are whether she is doing so to make a lame attempt at “cool” branding, or she wore them because they’re comfortable and worthy of such a somber, dusty day. Maybe it could be a blend of everything, or maybe she just likes them. What do you think?

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