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Volume is rising to high levels.

Byflorence wairimu

Sep 7, 2020

Kenya’s volume of trade rose from Sh169.65 billion in June 2020 to Sh190.76 billion in July 2020.

This is according to a study conducted by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics which also reveals that value of total exports increased from Sh48.05 billion in June 2020 to Sh52.00 billion in July 2020.

The value of imports increased from Sh121.60 billion in June 2020 to 138.76 billion in July 2020.Domestic exports by BEC indicated that food and beverages were the main exports, while non-food industry supplies accounted for 22.29 percent of the total exports.

Quantity of coffee exported decreased from 5,414.08 MT in June 2020 to 3,546.25 MT in July 2020 and its value dropped from Sh2,956.33 million to Sh1,799.26 million over same period.

The quantity of tea exported increased from 46,399.01 MT in June 2020 to 46,850.57 MT in July 2020. However, the value of exported tea dropped from Sh10,293.00 million to Sh10,013.83 million over same period.

BEC imports indicates that non-food industrial supplies were the main import category in July 2020 with a share of 39.35 percent.

Machinery and other capital equipment; Fuel and lubricants; and transport equipment constituted 19.26, 12.32 and 8.24, percent of total value of imports respectively.

Foods and beverages accounted for 9.77% of total imports in July 2020.

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