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Waihiga Threatens to Mute Kabogo

ByMuthoni Githire

Oct 1, 2020

Waihiga Mwaura, Citizen TV anchor threatened to mute former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo during an intense debate on Thursday, October 1. Mwaura had invited four panelists in the on-screen event which included former Nairobi Speaker Beatrice Elachi, Kiminini MP Chris Wamalwa, Amnesty International Chair Renee Ngamau and Kabogo to deliberate on corruption that is ailing the state.

During the discussion, Kabogo alluded that MPs are corrupt and that in many occurrences, they only bestowed Constituency Development Funds (CDF) tenders to their families, something that appalled Wamalwa. Kabogo did not stop at that. He went ahead to claim that during his tenure as an MP, he saw corrupt dealings dominating Parliamentary Committees.

“Don’t sanctify that house, it is a house of rot. I know committees where public funds have exchanged hands. I know where government has lost houses to MPs “I was an MP and I am not saying I am very clean, but Waihiga you will not find me with some of this dirt,” he stated.

Waihiga later probed him on why he did not report the cases to the authorities, yet he claimed to know personalities and committees that engaged in corruption. “I was actually going to ask you. It sounds like you know so much, I wish you had reported this to authorities beyond stating this on TV,” he stated.

Kabogo, in an attempt to liberate himself publicized that he was vocal against the issue in Parliament revealing that all his energies had been recorded in the Hansard report. “You know Waihiga, you want to blame me by pinning me down on what I reported… You can’t pin me down on saying that I did not report, how do you know I did not report. This is a very serious matter,” he replied.

Wamalwa struck in accusing Kabogo of being an accomplice of corruption for not reporting the issue at the time which twisted into a howling contest. This prompted Mwaura to intervene and demand order to the point of threatening to mute Kabogo and Wamalwa’s microphones during the live broadcast.

The discussion came at a time the state is dealing with a loss of Ksh2.3 billion to corruption connected to Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (KEMSA) Covid-19 supplies.

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