• Tue. Oct 20th, 2020

Since the death of the main character of the film Black Panther, Chadwick Bose man, the movie has been on everyone’s lips.
Huruma slum kids have given fans an amazing rendition of the film after they impressively recreated scenes from Black panther. The kids have always impressed people with their amazing talents and this one was no different as they dressed in almost similar but cheaper outfits. This outfits clearly show how much work they put into designing them.
They dressed in colors just like their stars on the show and came up with similar locations to match the scenes of the theme songs. In place of a car, the young talented actors used a cart in which they fitted a steering wheel and moved it around in a way that that also showed great into making their rendition look as accurate as possible.
The young kids shared their awesome videos on their Instagram page. They got a lot of complements from their fans, including Lulu Hassan who shared a video and congratulated them for a job well done.

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