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Wema Sepetu Cursed

ByGladwell Wanjiku

Jan 12, 2021

Wema Sepetu, the popular Tanzanian actress was overwhelmed with emotions during her show. This is after late Kanumba’s mother, Flora Mutegoa, also confirmed her son’s alleged curse on her. According to her, Kanumba’s words were brought about by Wema’s decision to abort two of Kanumba’s pregnancies secretly. He for instance talked to me about it and said, “Let her look for a rich man and try to bear kids in vain. Maybe if she comes back to me it might already be too late,” Kanumba’s mother said.

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When news of Wema’s past actions reached Kanumba’s mother, she was shocked beyond words. This is when she requested Wema to make time and see her so that they can come up with a solution.

Wema Sepetu, Kanumba and his mother

Wema Sepetu Recalls Her Past Relationship

As Wema Sepetu recalled her past relationship with Kanumba, she says her ex was furious. He was telling her she wouldn’t be able to have kids again after she procured two abortions. “You woman, you owe me kids and you will never be able to have more with any other man,” he said. In her defense, Wema Sepetu said she was too young to have children at that time. Even if she decided to keep the pregnancy, it would be such a disappointment to her parents. She also said that it would ruin her acting career.

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The former Miss Tanzanian explained that the late Kanumba was not pleased with the fact that she went behind his back and aborted twice. Wema said she is hurting, considering that she has since then tried to conceive without success.

Wema Sepetu might have been cursed

She also made it clear that she hadn’t aborted any more than two pregnancies of the late Steven Kanumba. Wema has on several occasions opened up on her efforts to conceive. She has even been to the point where she had to fly abroad to seek advanced treatment.  “I also wish to be called a mother and honestly there is nothing painful than being told you will never have children. It would give me a lot to take pictures of my lookalike. I have wanted that all my life, but I can’t!” she said.

What she suffers from

Wema Sepetu admitted that she suffers from Poly Ovarian Disease. This is a hormonal disorder. Its symptoms are associated with enlarged ovaries containing multiple small cysts that prevent the ovaries from fertilizing. “Let me be open today so that people can know this, I am suffering from a disease, which causes my ovaries to rapture and thus cannot be fertilized,” said Wema.

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One of Wema’s closest allies says the actress yearns to be a mother and she is doing everything in her power to make that dream become a reality. “Wema really desires to be a mother and she hasn’t given up on that. She has traveled to India to receive fertility treatment,” confirmed the ally. Luckily for Wema, there is a high possibility of conception as promised by her doctors. She is eagerly looking forward to the day she will be called ‘mom’. That’s the joy of most ladies, right?

Wema Sepetu and Kanumba

“I would prefer my first child to be a boy so that he will be able to guide the rest who will follow. But if God blesses me with a girl I will also appreciate that,” she said.