• Tue. Dec 1st, 2020

Westgate Suspect Verdict.

terror attack..

Two suspects Hussein Hassan Mustafa and Mohammed Ahmed Abdi associated with the west gate mall attack will know their fate today after they were termed guilty and the victim’s impact report will be received by the court and later inform their sentencing.
This 2013 incidence left 67 people dead and over 100 people with serious injuries.
The suspects were found guilty by chief magistrate Francis Adayi after proves that the suspects participated in helping the terrorists during the terror even though they were not on the scene.
The sentencing will result from evidence from 46 witness accounts including scene witnesses, security officers, accounts from persons working in financial institutions as well as insurance companies, forensic experts as well as first responders who presented evidence convicting two of the accused in the attack that resulted in a four-day siege.
Moreover, Abdullah Omar who was set free after the court had no evidence to incriminate him his whereabouts are not known after he was kidnapped on his way home after the release but investigations are still ongoing.

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