• Fri. Oct 30th, 2020


It’s has been two months now and the CCTV footage of Monicah Atieno’s movements in Nairobi’s CBD have not led the police to her whereabouts. The footage was retrieved by police investigators from a building on Moi Avenue but it led them to nowhere.

Monicah, the 13 year old girl went missing on August 6. She was with her dad, Joseph Kokoh and they were preparing to leave Nairobi and return to their home in Mombasa that day. At the CBD, Kokoh briefly left his daughter at a friend’s shop while he visited a cyber café. His friend said his daughter left to find him but they never connected.

Ever since that day, it has been anguish for the family. Kokoh has reached out to almost every media house in the city to highlight the case of his missing daughter but it has all been in vain.

“I am a very frustrated father. Even after supplying everything to the central police station, nothing seem to have happened at all in the investigation,” he said

Kokoh insists his daughter is being held against her will by persons unknown.

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