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WHO gives a stand to Kenya.

Byflorence wairimu

Sep 2, 2020

WHO has warned Kenya against relaxing COVID-19 regulations due to low number of infections registered lately.

Global health body said whereas the positivity rate is declining, it underscored that the rate can only be adequately interpreted with comprehensive surveillance and testing of suspected cases.

Now has been registering low COVID-19 infections consistently since last month, which President Kenyatta described as remarkable progress in flattening the curve.

“The decline is a welcome trend, it is important to interrogate if this is an indication of country’s true flattening of curve and how well it represents the national picture of the overall COVID-19 status,” WHO said.

For surety purposes to ascertain that indeed the COVID-19 curve is on the path of being flattened, WHO insists that its criteria for health authorities and decision makers to determine the level of epidemic control should be followed.

Parameters are grouped into three namely; epidemiology that checks if the epidemic has been controlled, health systems on whether they are able to cope with a resurgence of COVID-19 cases that may arise after adapting some measures and the public health surveillance that focuses on the country being able to detect and manage the cases and their contacts, and identify a resurgence of cases.

WHO further noted that containment or decline of such a pandemic is registered on basis and emphasis of length of period consistent decline has been registered-at least 50% and over a three-week period since the latest peak and with a continuous decline.

Kenya had recorded 34,201 COVID-19 cases, 19893 recoveries and 577 fatalities by August. On the other hand Ministry of Education is mulling on how to re-open schools with CS George Mangoha noting that learners might resume learning later this year.

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