• Wed. May 12th, 2021
ivine kanagu...what happened to her kidney

What happened during my surgery? Who took my kidney without my consent? Why me? These and other endless unanswered questions run in twenty-two-year-old Ivine Kinagu’s mind. Doctors’ documents indicate that before the surgery all her kidneys were normal.

On 12th July 2019, Ivine Kinagu visited Mbagathi hospital because of a continuous stomach ache. Doctors diagnosed her with stomach problems and also advised that surgery was the best. “When I went to mbagathi, I was diagnosed with stomach problems and then informed I needed surgery. They conducted tests followed by the operation. However, all through no one mentioned that I had a missing kidney or the kidney removal,” said Ivine.

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Sadly, post-surgery complications emerged. It’s at this point that Ivine became suspicious. She started experiencing continuous stomach pains few months after the surgery. Most times complained of fatigue despite no difficult chores. It’s at this point she decided to pay another visit to Mbagathi hospital.

Ivine Remains with one kidney

When I went back to mbagathi hospital, they performed another scan. They informed me that I have a missing kidney. I became more confused because all my life I have only had one surgery. I became more confused and scared,” she said. Doctors advised her to seek another test elsewhere so as to compare the results. She visited Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital but also got similar results. She had one kidney and the other missing. Ivine strongly wished the medical reports in her possession had errors.

ivine kanagu...what happened to her kidney
ivine kanagu…what happened to her kidney

All she desired was everything is a dream and that she would refresh and live again. The reality was too sad to comprehend. She decided to visit a priest’s office back in their home at Mukuru Kwa Njenga slums. She did everything she could but never got answers hence she decided to leave it unto The Lord. Ivine believed that inside the priest’s room lies all the answers that would help cease her endless pain. However, every visit confirmed her fears.

We need answers on our Child’s surgery.

Ivine narrated all the events that lead to her life’s drastic turn to the priest. The priest became more confused as Ivine narrated all the events. From the hospital admission, the surgery process, and also the sad part of discovering she’s got a missing kidney. The priest decided that before seeking answers from God, he had to seek an explanation from people. “It would be quite unfortunate if a doctor removed her kidney with neither her consent nor knowledge. This information daily disturbs me because it directs towards a dangerous trend of organ harvesting,” said Father John Munjuri.

The priest together with a team of volunteer catholic lawyers decided to seek the answers. Firstly, they addressed their grievances through a letter to the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentist Board. This agency mediates cases between doctors and patients. The Consultant doctor said that it’s unlikely that Ivine’s kidney was removed at Mbagathi hospital. According to him, kidney removal requires a special consultation. However, he also says that despite the fact that Ivine’s medical records bear his name, he never wrote any of them. He also adds that he might have been the consultant in charge but any clinician can write discharge notes for the patients. No one in Ivine’s family knows what transpired and all they have are unanswered questions. Daily, each passing second they hope to get an explanation and answers of what transpired.