• Fri. Oct 30th, 2020

Why Are Schools Reopening For Grade Four Pupils?

So many people have questioned why the grade four pupils should go back to school while other older pupils, who are capable of adhering to Health Ministry guidelines, stay at home.

In a shocking move that caught parents and candidates off guard, Education CS George Magoha on Monday directed all KCSE candidates to report back to school next week. The grade four pupils will also be returning back to school a decision that has brought about a lot of questions among, students and parents.

The CS said that it was in line with president Uhuru Kenyatta’s directive and followed broad-based education stakeholders consultations. Why do Grade four pupils have to go back to school?

Grade Four pupils are set to go back to school because, under the new competency-based curriculum, it is the top class in this category just like starndard 8 is top of the 8-4-4 system in primary.

As per the curriculum, Grade Four is the senior-most class under CBC and the candidates are the ones to go to school.

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