• Sat. Nov 28th, 2020
marriages in the past had astrong bond

1; Why it was rare for a Traditional divorce to happen.
Marriage worked in the past. Our grandparents were not divorcing like today’s marriage. This is because when a tradition is followed for so long it is assumed to be the gospel truth. Even though the divorce was rare with our grandparents, it does not imply they had quality marriages. Women were coerced into submission through gross abuse. Physical, verbal, emotional, sexual, and spiritual abuse was the norm rather than the accepted way of life.

2; Why in the past only women commit adultery.
In the bible, men brought a woman caught in extramarital affairs, to Jesus to approve her death by stoning. She was not masturbating, nor was she having sex with an animal, but she was enjoying sex with a man, one of them but they never brought the man.
In the traditional patriarchal society, only a woman commits adultery, the man is having fun. Furthermore, men can sleep around with as many girls and expect the wife to fix for his dinner. Do his laundry and give him quality late night sex. But if a woman is caught sleeping outside wedlock, let’s stone her to death. They call her parent, friends, pastor, and the entire village to shame the adulterer woman.

marriages in the past had astrong bond
why marriages in the past had a strong bond

Men should own up in Marriage.

3; Why men should take their responsibility.
Men should be ashamed and apologetic about how they have treated women all in the name of millennia. Not that am setting wives against their husbands. But restoring marriages to their original state as instituted by God in the garden of Eden. Also, there was love, romance, responsibility, and dominion over the land, sea, and air. Marriage worked! Not dominating against each other. But helping each other in executing a common mandate. The divine mandate to rule the earth was given to both of them, male and female.


4; Why love never fails.
The truth is love precedes submission. Bibles say that we love Him because He first loved us. But God commends he owns love toward us, we were sinners yet Christ died for us. The bible tells husbands to love their wives as Christ loved the church [Eph 5;25]. Men must realize that Christ first loved us before we submitted it to Him.

The bible says that love never fails [1 cor 13;8]. A man must first love his wife unconditionally for her to submit to him. Furthermore, if you find your wife controlling, manipulating, and submitting to you, simply you do not know how to love her. And do not confuse things love is not Sex. Sexual intimacy is a component of love. Men get your act together and love your wives even when you feel like she does not deserve it. Just as Christ loved us yet we were sinners.

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