• Sat. Oct 24th, 2020

Wilber Ottichilo: Being A Governor

Vihiga Governor Wilber Ottichilo says being a governor is a very difficult job. Sometimes he regrets being a governor. The pressure is too much and expectations from voters very high. The pressure is so intense that you cannot have time for your family.” He says

He says that his biggest problem is the phone since people keep calling and he can’t switch it off because he never knows when an emergency will occur. “You don’t know whether the president can call you. And if you put it off, the voters will see you as avoiding them and there will be a backlash.

Governor Ottichilo says that the notion among the people is that being a governor, he is in control of billions and he has the means to control all they want. “Everything is loaded on you. Even when other people make mistakes, It’s the governor who is blamed for it.

“My worst moment was in January this year when MCAs came up with a motion to impeach me. I later found out that one of my prospective competitors was sponsoring them. He was worried that at the rate I  was moving with development projects, it would not be easy to dislodge me in 2022.” he says

His best day was his day of installation as the governor. He says he had a lot of expectations and was ready to move. But when he got into office he encountered a big challenge. In July 2018, he declined MCAs’ demand that money be budgeted for wards. They ganged up on him and vilified him everywhere.

When he came in, he had a bumpy relationship with the MCAs because they wanted money to be sent to wards so they wanted money to be sent to wards so they were able to control processes there. He rejected that demand and it gave him a hard time with them. But he thanks God that he finally cosed ranks and they started serving the people as a team.

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