• Sat. Oct 24th, 2020

The Thirdway Alliance Party has come up with a Math formula in the hope that the solution will put to an end the prevailing debate on two-thirds gender parity in parliament. The party, in a statement on Saturday 26th, indicated that the Math formula, Y=X*3/2-290 seeks to control the size of the parliament to a maximum of 435 members.

The statement was signed by National chair Miruru Waweru and secretary-general Fredrick Okango. It said that the formula, in the worst-case scenario will ensure that no single member of one gender is elected in a general election.

According to the Thirdway Alliance Party, the Y in the formula represents the seats set aside for the gender winning the minority seats and X are the seats won by the gender winning majority seats.
“The new version of PunguzaMizigo Kenya has brought forth a more rational proposal that will not only ensure that the two-third gender rule is achieved but also reduce the cost of running parliament by capping it to approximately Sh5 billion from the current Sh36 billion,” part of the statement read.

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