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Will Bobi Wine win?

ByAndrew Thuku

Jan 14, 2021
Will Bobi Wine win?

Bobi Wine votes.

Will Bobi wine win the 2021 Uganda elections? Uganda elections of 2021 is facing a lot of challenges which involves the shutdown of internet. Despite this “The Electoral Commission” assured that the election will be held as planned and it will be free and fair.

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The assurance by The Electoral Commission is questioned by several parties including the USA Election observers who refused to take part due to some irregularities that were not addressed.

Bobi wine has remained calm, however the government has ensured that all law enforcement forces are on the streets to show a sign of authority of the existing government is in control.

The situation has gone over board as several cases of extra-judicial killings, arrest and torture of Uganda citizens whom were seen as a threat by the government. Some the political victims include:

  • Elijah Mukiibi Kaate
Will Bobi Wine win?
Elijah Mukiibi who was shot dead
  • Hermand Ainebyoona
Will Bobi Wine win?
Herman Ainebyoona who went missing after being arrested
  • Selector Dvie Ug
Will Bobi Wine win?
Selector Davie Ug who went missing.

among others.

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