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ByBeatrice Muthoni

Aug 5, 2020

Yesterday in the afternoon the senate had a meeting where many Kenyans were waiting eagerly to know and to hear what the conclusion on the revenue sharing could be. Unfortunately, it was heart breaking that the awaited meeting did not take place due to the misunderstanding between the senators thus postponed and the decision received much support.

This was not expected by Kenyans because it was surprising this becoming the 7th time that the same discussion had to be postponed. this decision is said to have taken place to allow senators from opposition and supporting side to come together, share their minds and come up with a favorable conclusion.

Its pitiful seeing how this discussion has caused amenity between leaders themselves to an extend of some becoming a threat to their colleagues. this revenue sharing is becoming a threat even to the country as some counties threaten to separate themselves from being part of Kenya.

Yesterday ,northern people who felt that they will be negatively affected if the senate could pass the revenue sharing debate, they had a meeting with journalists where they bitterly gave out their suggestions, some of the representatives who were given chance to talk at the meeting said that if their share will be reduced they will not be part of Kenya anymore.

Senator john Sakaja,Mutual Kilonzo Jnr,Kithure Kindiki And Kipchumba Murkomen are now facing fresh sanctions from president uhuru Kenyatta’s party for their position in CRA proposal this could be probably be because they supported to oppose the formula.

Yesterday the house failed to pass the formula after Murkomen 34 senators against 26 to vote to adjourn debate on the matter in what he said will offer an opportunity for senators to reach consensus.

On the floor yesterday,mr kang’ata said the rulling party had sat and arrived at a consensus,an assertion mr sakaja disputed,saying that was the opinion of mr kang’ata.

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