• Fri. Oct 30th, 2020

Theft syndicate behind Covid-19 cash exposed

The senate has asked the auditor general to undertake a special audit on what they are saying that some funds given to the county government concerning covid-19 prevention and management may have been used in other areas not related to covid-19 intervention. The auditor general has been asked by the committee to submit an independent report on the special audit. This audit is said to have covered the period from when the first case was recorded on 13th march, 2020 to 31st July 2020.

The senate want the auditor general to establish whether county governments had approved work plans, procurement plans and training plans in place specific to covid-19, the total amount received by every county government on covid-19 issues should also be in details.

The senate also want to know the bank account into which the funds from the national government for covid- 19 were banked, whether the money did the work that it required to do, procurement plans and if report on the work the money was produced every month.

Other things that the auditor general is supposed to deliver to the senate include

1~establishment and reliability of the financial and non-financial report on funds

2~detect irregularities involving the misuse of public funds and identify weakness in management

3~ determine the reliability of reports on funds execution data

4~identify incidence and pattern of waste

5~provide reliable data about covid-19 programme results

The senate has asked the auditor general to send the results on or before Friday 4th September 2o2o at 5:00pm

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