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ByBeatrice Muthoni

Aug 7, 2020

President uhuru kenyatta and ODM party leader Raila Odinga have set a committee to make sure that the revenue sharing debate has been settled by next week by the senate, this has been revealed by the former Gatanga MP Peter Kenneth.

He has said that the committee will be led by the two leaders where they are optimistic to finding a way where Kshs316.5 billion for the county government will be released before the end of next week.The president and Mr.Raila Odinga have said that they are not pleased with the way the revenue sharing debate is taking time to be resolved and this being the 7th time for the senate having disagreement on this and making the money to delay.

Mr Peter kenneth has said that the committee met at mr Atwoli’s home in Kajiado county where the deputy majority leader of the national assembly, Maoka Maore also attended the meeting and the chairman was mr odinga.

He has said that they agreed to stop the debate on Tuesday so that they may have enough time to discuss on the best ways to solve the issue facing the country and he assured Kenyans that by next week they will have a conclusion.

Kenneth has added that at the meeting they will have an open mind where they will make sure that what they will conclude will be a fair and just conclusion. They will follow all laws and the fact that the system is supposed to be given out by the CRA.

Moreover he said that the issue on revenue sharing has caused much issues seeing that no county has received money for the next three month leading to threats from government workers and hospitals lucking medication and also luck of developments in the counties.

According to Governor Mwangi wa Iria the debate on settling revenue sharing issue has taken long to be resolved. He also blamed senators for not being good patriots.

He said that this settling this issue is not hard as the senators want us to believe it. He said that no county is going to lose money as long as the revenue sharing will consider the population of each county. He concluded that the delay is because some senators are taking advantage and bring politics in between.

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