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Women Arrested With M4 Sniper Rifle.


Apr 15, 2021
women arrested with m4 sniper rifle

Detectives remain in a mystery after seizing firearms( m4 sniper rifle) and ammunition from two women. Coincidentally, the two women being blood relatives. A mother, Goretti Mwihia, and also her daughter Joyce Muthoni Mwihia. In addition, both women hold dual citizenship.

Private detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations arrested the women at their home. The women reside in Dagoretti County, Racecourse. According to the DCI, the arms recovered include an M4 sniper rifle, four pistols, a close-quarter Uzi automatic submachine gun, and also 3700 bullets.

M4 Sniper Rifle

The M4 sniper rifle has an effective range of 500 meters. The firearm also has the ability to aim a target half a kilometer away. The United States extensively uses M4 as a primary weapon for Combat troops. Consecutively, the submachine gun is capable of firing six hundred (600) rounds per minute. Also, the 3,700 bullets are of different calibers.

women arrested with m4 sniper rifle
women arrested with m4 sniper rifle

Detectives strongly believe the highly advanced firearms were sneaked into the country for terror-related activities. “Detectives currently hold the suspects for further interrogation as a ballistic examination of the cache continues. We still do not know the motive of these two women,” DCI said. Kenyans raise concerns about the possession of highly advanced weapons in the hands of netizens and how the weapons pose threats.

Similarly, when President Uhuru launched a small arms manufacturing factory in Ruiru netizens also raised concerns. However, He did so because the nation expects to meet the small arms supply-demand of all its security forces. Furthermore, after they achieve their target they plan to upgrade to medium and heavy guns. DCI continues further investigations of the two women and also the ballistic examination of the weapons. 


Police continue frustrating efforts by al-Shabaab militants to attack learning institutions and also critical installations. Last month during an operation in Lagdera, Garissa County police arrested three men. They also recovered a cache of weapons. The men were transporting  2,104 bullets, eight AK47 rifles, and also twenty liters of petrol along Baraki-Maalmin Raod. Police intercepted them after a four-house chase.