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Young girl dies as medics’ strike continues

ByJudy Muturi

Dec 10, 2020
Young girl dies as medics' strike continues

A young girl aged 12 has died in Baringo County as the countrywide strike by nurses and clinicians over poor working conditions continues.

Zainabu Bashir said her granddaughter died yesterday while on the way to Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital (MTRH) in Eldoret. This was after they waited for hours to get treatment at Kabarnet Hospital in vain. Bashir told the press that the girl, who had a brain tumor, complained of a headache on Monday morning before she took her to the hospital.

The young girl battled brain tumor

“We waited for five hours as the girl writhed in pain. It was only after I protested that one of the staff put her on a drip and told us to arrange for her to be taken to Eldoret for specialised treatment,” Bashir said.  “Tumor is a chronic disease and it could not have killed the girl within the four hours that she was at the hospital,” Panga said.  However, she admitted that the strike had paralyzed services in medical facilities across the county.

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In other news, the facility turned Irene Tirioko away yesterday. This was despite her having booked for a gynecology review. She had been experiencing acute abdominal pains for the past two weeks.

Her husband Richard Tirioko said she also has a kidney problem. Moreover, she had been experiencing urine retention for the past three days. “This is my second day at the hospital; I was hopeful that a doctor could attend to my wife. I do not have money to go to a private facility,” he said.

Doctors diagnosed Rueben Mosol, with tetanus three weeks ago. He had an open wound that needed dressing. Sadly, there was no one to attend to him.

Clinical officers’ representative Philip Yator said that doctors are not on strike. However, they cannot work without the support of clinical officers and nurses. Therefore, Yator asked the public to take their patients to private hospitals because nobody will attend to them in public facilities.