• Sun. Nov 29th, 2020
Zari states she does not need a husband.

Diamond’s ex-wife, Zari Hassan says she doesn’t want to get married. The mother of five only wants a life partner and not a husband. She claims she feels independent and can do anything for herself. She would rather have a life partner but not getting herself into any kind of marriage.

Zari wouldn’t date Diamond

When asked if she has considered dating her baby daddy, Diamond platnumz, Zari said that is the last thing she would think of doing. “I have never thought of getting back with him. At this time, we are just co-parenting and I guess that is suitable for both of us.” She said

Zari states she does not need a husband.
Zari states she does not need a husband.

Zari says being in a romantic relationship with Diamond is something that has never closed her mind. “I don’t even think about it. I wish him well, that he gets someone who is going to settle him down and grow him.”

After the two broke up in 2018, during Valentine’s Day, they have been speaking through their lawyers. She also moved out of Diamond’s South African mansion after the break up. It only took a text message for the two to start speaking again. She is glad that her kids got to reunite again with their dad. “That reunion was so good because they remembered him even after two years of not seeing each other. I am glad they have their father back in their lives,” Zari said.

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According to her, single mothers are very strong and can raise good kids, but they still need a father figure in their lives. After their break-up, Zari flaunted a man whom she termed as ‘King Bae’. She never unveiled his face but they later broke up. She has severally clapped back at social media users who hate her and write bad comments about her. “They say a lot of things about me but if anyone talks about my kids am forced to clap back,” she said.

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